Night terrors

A chill creeps up. I shudder. I sweat

as unseen horrors from beneath the bed-

They clamber on and run a long nail

down my shivering back, I can only wail

And masked men, with hair all over

stand over my naked torso

They close around me, I can’t breathe

I’m helpless though my insides seethe

And yet another where a mob of rats

Teeth gnashing and smelling putridly

of vomit and drains and everything vile

Gather by the thousands, air’s thick with bile

And chained am I to a wall of thorns when

Come horrors and rapists and gory rats

I pray for the blessed release

That only the drug of waking can lease.


About meenavid

Pensive thinker. Jumping bean. Loud thoughts. Loudmouth. Extreme. Ordinary. Twenty and something but what the heck, still a kid. Make a happy mess everywhere- or not. Indecisive. You see? Sigh.

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