A slimy memoir (of sorts).

He watched them leave him alone without any pain or remorse. They weren’t the first.

He had always been labeled an outcast. His father (or rather, the father) tried to keep him away from his mother’s wrath, who for no apparent reason was always trying to smack him. His childhood was spent in the agony of trying to run away from those he lived with, except that he seemed to enjoy it. A non conformist, he called himself.

His enjoyed the dark. Nobody in the family did, and that suited him well enough. He would roam through the house, careful not to wake them up; but then he was stealthy. He flinched at the glow of the night lights, wrinkled his nostrils at the flowers, stayed away from the whirring fans and marveled at the beautiful cobwebs. Once or twice he ventured close enough to mother, and saw the deep wrinkles on her face as she slept with her mouth slightly ajar. He would try his best not to get in her way while awake- he knew she hated him.

It was the little one he loved best. Simply because she was the only one in the family who was unafraid. She would squeal with joy on seeing him and spend hours talking to him about her imaginary friend, a bird (he would squirm), and recount stories of how her ‘friend’ caught worms(he would squirm again). Mother would take a look at the pair of them, and station herself somewhere close so he wouldn’t be up to his tricks. He could hardly plead his innocence to her. He was dumb.

He had known since a few weeks that they were leaving. The house was full of boxes and dust, and provided a lot of scope for exploration. When the last box had been loaded in the monstrous truck, he knew he would be alone again. The little girl cried bitterly and refused to be placated by the hassled father. Mother drove them away without a backward glance.

He watched them leave him alone without any pain or remorse. They weren’t the first.

The house being empty did not make him sad. The activity in the past few weeks had led to an upsurge of spiders. That delighted him. He slumbered through the day, and feasted during the night.

The house lizard lived on, oblivious to human presence, or absence.

Source : www.zoo4you.co.uk
Picture Source : http://www.zoo4you.co.uk

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