And the Liebster goes to..

Me, apparently! 😀


So, here’s the mandatory (though not regretted) speech. Thank you, for having given this month old assortment of poetry, fiction and miscellaneous thoughts an award. This comes to me from Anoop, who writes TRANQUIL, yet Alive ( ). I stumbled across his blog just a few days ago, and follow because I find it entertaining, Indian in its roots and honest in tone. Way to go, Anoop!

(And er, thanks for the follow back ((though that totally wasn’t what I was aiming for, of course :P)))

This is how the award works:

  1. Thank the Liebster Award presenter who nominated you and link back to his or her blog.
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate small (no more than 200 followers) blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know that they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag-backs, meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

The speech of gratitude done, I now have to go through the pointless humiliating illuminating exercise of telling you 11 things (Why 11 though? Why can it not be 12 or 13?) about myself:

1. I started blogging only because my best friend/soulmate kept nagging me. I have always wanted to blog, but then, I have always been lazy as well. I like it though, and it gives me the drive to keep writing. Thank you soulmate! (Stop gloating.)

2. There are only three things I’d really like doing in life: Eat, Sleep and Read.

3. I go to university. Some day, I’d like to take up teaching or become a writer or win the lottery and become a millionaire- whichever happens first.

4. Lizards and cockroaches scare me, though I leave no stone unturned in telling people that they are harmless and one must care for them. So do strays. Come to think of it, so do hens strutting about.

5. I like posing trick questions. For eg., Do you think I talk a lot? This way, I get to make you feel bad whichever way you respond.

6. I write poetry. I’d like to get published, some day.

7. I am an ardent fan of people with humour and sarcasm. That is why I love House M.D (The show rocks kicks ass)

8. I am waiting for the day I wake up and find my head crammed with storylines for the hundred novels I am going to publish (Wish away..)

9. I cannot tolerate hate am learning how to cook, and hope I will some day achieve mastery over it.

10. Harry Potter is my childhood, present and future.

11. I am extremely impatient. Which makes me wonder how I got through writing all this. Fame gets to people’s heads I guess *sniff*

Now for the questions Anoop has for me:

1. Are you addicted to something? If yes, What? (other than alcohol, cigars and drugs)

Books. Will somebody pay me for reading please? PLEASE? My favourite authors are Wodehouse and Archer. I read all sorts of fiction. Day and night.

2. What does money mean to you? Why? (No one liners please)

Money means I have a future where I can do what I please and follow my dreams uninhibitedly. Money means my parents don’t have to work. Money means lesser worry and it is extremely important to me.

Money means I can tour Europe and meet the Harry Potter cast!

3. What is your passion? What do you like to do the most apart from eating and sleeping?

READING. Does that count as a passion? But it is! I thrive on books.

4. What quality of your best friend/friends do you admire?

She is patient, resilient and sturdy. She puts up with my tantrums. She cooks amazingly well? 😛

5. Have you ever felt guilty for doing something in life, that keeps troubling you even now?

No. I feel momentary lapses of guilt when I lie, but I’m a good advocate for myself and end up placating my conscience 😀

6. What is that one good thing that you can proudly say to anyone about yourself, I mean a lesson from your life that people can learn?

I followed my heart and took up literature in uni, though I took science in school. This raised eyebrows, but I stuck to what I wanted. I’m editing this post once I climb Everest though.

7. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone? If yes What did you learn/admire / hate about being in a relationship ?

Geez, this is personal man!

Who am I kidding, no. Unless we’re counting crushes and flirting.

8. Whom do you admire the most in your family? (Doesn’t need to be your parents or siblings, can be cousins or anyone in the family)

My brother. I look up to him because he stands up for what he believes in. He is awesome. And he doesn’t read this blog, so I can safely say all this and he can’t  chide me. HA!

9.What kind of person are you? (Funny/humorous/serious/shy…….)

I’m okay. A combination.

10. If you were given a chance to go out on a dinner with, Who would that lucky one be?

Hrithik Roshan.

11. Which is your favorite post from your blog? If I would insist that you pick one out of the lot, Which one would that be?

A poem I wrote, “Pray Tell Me“.

Now comes the awkward part! I need to nominate blogs that are “small”, but I only know two a few. Well, here go the deserving ones:


2. ( She has more than 200 followers, but follow her anyway! )

These guys are great! Go follow.


PS: Too lazy to make up new questions. Answer the same ones?




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Pensive thinker. Jumping bean. Loud thoughts. Loudmouth. Extreme. Ordinary. Twenty and something but what the heck, still a kid. Make a happy mess everywhere- or not. Indecisive. You see? Sigh.

2 thoughts on “And the Liebster goes to..

  1. Hello there,

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Feel honored. And yes I didn’t follow you back just for the sake of it. I read one of your posts and I knew it was well worth it.

    It’s really sad to see talented people getting lazy. I really believe you could have had your set of questions as I am sure you will come up with better one’s than mine.

    Alas, I really like your write ups. They are amazing. So expecting more of your posts in the near future 🙂



    1. I am going to say your questions were good enough! (i make good excuses for being lazy :D) And thanks so much 🙂 Feels nice to be encouraged. Your blog as I said hit close to home, literally! Keep writing too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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