Mending Wall- post Frost

 Something there is that is between us

It stops sound waves from crashing into my house

And makes sure your WiFi is secure

And my stereo stays true to my side.

The work of mothers- generation bygone-is different

I have tried to rid her of gossip mongering

Where they talk of things incomprehensible

And seemingly the wall is gone.

Everybody sees what’s between us but us

I can’t see beyond my screen, hear beyond the muffs

But it is only when the garbage crosses sides

That you and I, to commiserate meet

And see beyond the blue ‘wall’ we know

And acknowledge the boundaries of stone.

You wonder if we need the wall, how ignorant-

For then the stealthy spell of the glowing screen

In darkness during day would be lost, so I say

“Good fences make good neighbors”

Something there is that is between us

But mending it or breaking down will roughen my hands

And fingers strain- they’re much needed

Building farms and houses in another world.

I like being cocooned within the luminous wall

And so I say again “Good fences make good neighbors.”


About meenavid

Pensive thinker. Jumping bean. Loud thoughts. Loudmouth. Extreme. Ordinary. Twenty and something but what the heck, still a kid. Make a happy mess everywhere- or not. Indecisive. You see? Sigh.

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