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We had both a fair share of secrets buried deep,
Though woes were shared and souls were bared-
These secrets we did keep.

It wasn’t that we had no trust, we were both very kind,
Though beastly scares had made us one-
We couldn’t speak our mind

All we did was heave a sigh and talk when secrets slept,
And though in sleep our joys awoke –
The secret still was kept

A day came by when finally we had to bid goodbye,
And secrets gnawed at us inside-
Made us look up and sigh

We knew that we could neither say nor part with things unsaid,
Though we had each things concealed-
Our hearts- they broke, they bled.

Depart we didn’t, though fair share of secrets we did keep,
It has been years and we still do-
Locked up in souls them heap.



I was so immersed
in being that girl
the universe conspired to love
That I quite ignored
The girl
who’d hide behind
her soul
And let it do all the talking.
But lovers are faithful
And bind me it did-
My soul
Keeping alive the girl
in me.
I conspire
to make the universe
Fall in love with her.

Unrest (II)

Sing to me, soul- I miss those times

the world was your song, pure and light

Sing to me soul, where have you gone

Don’t let the dark steal away your dawn

Don’t let the mundane get to your dream-

I need you to be free.

Sing to me, soul ‘cause I’ve gone blind

and all I can see is the clock and the time

Sing to me soul, my only ally

in the cage with bars of wrong and right.


the housefly goes buzzing across and i’m suddenly thinking of the fan whirring the same way when there’s this continuous sound that has a certain cadence to it and when everything is quiet you can listen to many more such strains of awry music like now  you hear the clock going on on on until the battery dies and the heart going thump thump only going faster when someone like that guy comes in front and oh no i just remembered i’m not supposed to think of that guy any more just like i’m trying hard not to think of that girl who made me think of that guy and how awesome should it be for those who don’t have a girl or a guy to think about because all they have is their own conscience to speak to and sometimes isn’t your own conscience the best person to speak to because at present my conscience is asking me to stop spewing out the shit i am and i don’t know if wordpress has a moral police looking at the word shit but who cares there’s enough talk about moral policing going on in the last few days already and i am sick of it though i don’t quite mind because it takes off my mind the impending deadline where i have to make a decision that finally decides what i do with my life and goddamn why does my life have to depend on a decision like i can’t spend it like i want to and just be as i am for i certainly didn’t ask to be born a human that could walk and talk and go to university and make a life out of that when i could rather have been that housefly buzzing about creating a helluva lot of nuisance for humans trying to think lying sprawled out under the whirring fan.